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Parameters VOL. 48 NO. 3 Autumn 2018

Editor: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II

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FEATURES: Challenges for Civil-Military Relations: “Policy Revolt: Army Opposition to the Korea Withdrawal Plan On Alliances and Coalitions” by Eric B. Setzekorn. “The Walter Reed Scandal and the All-Volunteer Force” by Richard G. Malish. On Alliances and Coalitions: “Fighting and Learning in the Great War” by Kelly A. Greico. “India-US Relations” by Vinay Kaura. “Toward a Whole-of-Government Approach” by Paul E. Vera Delzo. On Clausewitz: “Reclaiming Clausewitz’s Theory of Victory” by Richard M. Milburn. “A Clausewitzian Response to ‘Hyperwarfare'” by Brandon T. Euhus. Plus, Military History, Irregular Warfare, Security Studies, and Book Reviews!