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Parameters VOL. 48 NO. 4 Winter 2018-19

Editor: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II

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FEATURES: Special Commentary “Civil-Military Relations and Today’s Policy Environment” by Thomas N. Garner. Coercion: New Means & Methods. “Social Media Warriors: Leveraging a New Battlespace” by Buddhika B. Jayamaha and Jahara Matisek. “Multidimensionality: Rethinking Power Projection for the 21st Century” by David J. Katz. Technological Innovation: Problems & Prospects: “High-Energy Laser Weapons: Overpromising Readiness” by Ash Rossiter. “Innovation Tradecraft: Sustaining Technological Advantage in the Future Army” by Adam Jay Harrison, Bharat Rao, and Bala Mulloth. Technological Change & War’s Nature: “Profession at the Crossroads” by Lieutenant Colonel Donn A. Starry.