Director of Strategic Studies Institute and USAWC Press

Author: USAWC Strategic Studies Institute

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The United States Army War College is seeking a Director of Strategic Studies Institute and USAWC Press. Serve as Director, Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) and U.S. Army War College Press, a major subordinate element of the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) consisting of a research department of civilian and military Ph.D. level research professors and strategic analysts, the USAWC Press comprised of the “Parameters” Branch, Production Branch, and the Student Publications Branch; an Academic Engagement Directorate, and the USAWC Fellows and CSA Senior Army Fellows Department. Ensures the preparation and publication of high-quality, timely and concise strategic studies of key national security issues, military strategy, joint and combined theater operations, the nature of land warfare, and matters affecting the Army’s future. Manages the Army’s Academic Engagement Program. Executes strategic research taskings from and develops issues for Headquarters, Department of the Army and the Commandant of the USAWC. Chairs the USAWC Research and Publication Board, facilitating research and publication throughout the USAWC. Administers the USAWC’s Faculty Research Grant Program and External Research Associates Program. For complete details and information on how to apply, please visit USAJOBS online through the following link