Dr. Robert J. Bunker

External Researcher

ROBERT J. BUNKER is director of research and analysis, C/O Futures, LLC, and is presently an adjunct research professor at the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) of the U.S. Army War College (USAWC). He is also an instructor with the Safe Communities Institute, University of Southern California. Past associations include Futurist in Residence, Behavioral Research and Instruction Unit at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy in Quantico, VA, and Distinguished Visiting Professor and Minerva Chair at SSI, USAWC. Dr. Bunker has delivered numerous presentations—including U.S. congressional testimony—and has hundreds of publications including dozens of books, booklets, reports, papers, articles, response guidance, and research notes. Radical Islamist-focused publications and activities include co-editorship of a recent five-volume Small Wars Journal anthology series on this topical area as well as earlier works ranging from the weaponization of unmanned aerial systems, use of teleoperated sniper rifles and machine guns, and suicide bombers (including internal body cavity), along with related efforts extending back to pre-September 11, 2001, research on al-Qaeda doctrine, later published for U.S. law enforcement counterterrorism purposes, as well as pre- and post-September 11, 2001, Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning Group (LA TEW) activities. Dr. Bunker holds university degrees in political science, government, social science, anthropology-geography, behavioral science, and history, and has undertaken extensive specialized counterterrorism and counternarcotics training. He can be reached at docbunker@cofutures.net.

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